Dreamliner Golf

Dieter Ramsauer,

Owner of the DIRAK GmbH, industrial designer and inventor of over 300 patents,

Golf Solutions for short game improvement

DREAMLINER clubs are developed with ONE objective - to help the amateur golfer improve their short game. Our products incorporate 4 innovations that will help all amateur golfers score lower and be more consistent.


An Interview with Dieter Ramsauer

The following is an interview with the inventor and developer of the Dreamliner putter and wedges Dieter Ramsauer.


Dieter Ramsauer:

I've been playing golf for about 10 years and have never been satisfied with the putters that were offered. The putter is the most important clubs measured by the number of strokes that make up with it. I think it is extremely difficult, the face of a putter 90 degrees to align to the target, since it is mostly obscured by a cranked shaft part. My preference is a putter with a long finish line and a straight shaft which I can control my backswing. This meant that I began to develop and manufacture putter in its own mold. My material and production skills have helped me very much. In my early years I was a toolmaker and later worked as a consulting engineer for EDM systems that are essential for the production of tools.

DREAMLINER product catalog


When you created the bat, since you have already planned to sell the club?


Dieter Ramsauer:

At that time it was all about my own bat. However, Mr. Hauke ??Wagner, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia Rainer in the training center in Neuss, has seen the club and develop a strong interest from the begining and then announced to the players in a streamlined club. When I succeed on the golf course played using the first pattern, the interest from players was huge and eventually they became the first buyers.