RampLine wedges with bounce control

DREAMLINER clubs are developed with ONE objective - to help the amateur golfer improve their short game. Our products incorporate 4 innovations that will help all amateur golfers score lower and be more consistent.




The innovative sole design of the RampLine helps you improve your wedge shots. The sand bunker and the rough present some of the greatest challenges for the golfer. In order to hit the ball quickly and steeply upwards, the club has to be swung optimally through the sand or the rough. This is where the RampLine helps golfers improve their shots. The wedge needs to plunge easily into the sand and it is essential that the club does not get stuck by burying itself in the sand bunker. The wedge swings through thesand and under the ball in one smooth movement, enabling the player to exercise maximum control over the ball.






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While carrying out technical trials designed to optimise the sole design, our tests with high-speed cameras showed that players plunge the wedge into the sand several centimetres before it actually hits the ball.


1.The edge of the wedge face easily penetrates the sand, enabling the player to swing the wedge under the ball with ease. 2.The bottom plate recess-construction densifies the sand only marginally and the Wedge swings through slightly. During the second half of the shot, the bounce effect begins to kick in via the ramp of the sole design, pushing the club up and out of the sand.

3.Just now the Bounce densifies the soil and therewith presses out the Wedge after the Wedge is located under the ball.


This gives the player an easier follow-through with the wedge and a pleasant response to the wrists.

The result is constant, controlled approach shots and therefore improved golfing scores.